A small thread

I shop for a rakhi again.

I will be posting it to you again.


I hope it reaches you.

I hope, it protects you,

The way you did for me.


You were the mischief in my life.

The reason my dolls were broken,

My toys remained strewn

And my pigtails stayed pulled.


But outside our four walls.

You were my armour; my soldier.


You have always protected me

From every enemy existent.

And today too, you protect me

From all the evils this world offers.


I can’t contact you,

Like we contact others.

As you are being a brother,

To every sister born in this nation.


So today, on their behalf,

I send you a small thread.

Anticipating it to protect you

From all the enemies of this world.


I will await for you.

Await for you to return home.

For there needs to be someone,

To pull my pony’s now.


3 thoughts on “A small thread

  1. Heart touching poem, there are very few who remember soldiers while celebrating festivals but when they are in need (troubles) then only they do remember. We need to promote literature that describes soldiers n their dedication towards safety of nation.

  2. Rikamya mangatache sarale sunepan…
    Mukt aanandane dile rakhiche aandan……
    Reshim dhagyani Pawan zala San……
    Runanubandhat Amar zala kshan……
    Ase asate prtekachya manatale….. rakshabandhan…

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