IMG_0406Hi readers,


I am Purva Mestry, the creator, owner and writer of the blog: Tall Tales. Professionally, I am a Social Media Enthusiast with a degree in marketing. I am based out of Mumbai and my hobbies include reading, writing, music and dancing. I am always looking for adventure, trying out new things, cuisines and gathering as many experiences as I can. I have basic knowledge of many Indian languages as well as French, a language which sounds like music to my ears. I love to write and hope that some day my writing can bring about a change.


Writing came into my life as a hobby but, it is slowly moving towards being my bread and butter. I love expressing myself and use my stories as a medium to connect with my readers.  I also love depicting my stories through pictures and most of the pictures on my blog are personally taken using nothing but an IPhone.


Tall Tales, is a stage where I showcase most of my writing. This blog reflects my ideas and thoughts in a positive way and attempts at portraying a refreshing take on it. Being a day dreamer, I tend to add a fictitious angle to my stories and poems to make them more enjoyable to my readers. I am using this blog as a platform to experiment with various techniques and styles of writing.


I hope you like what you read! If yes, share it with your friends. If not, share your opinion with me via comments or on twitter. You can always connect with me on twitter: @EtreEtoiles


P.S.: All of my work is fictional and any resemblance of characters, plot or ideas is purely coincidental.


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