Fulfill your Dreams

Dreaming is very easy, but quantifying your dream into reality is something few people are capable of. I believe that in life it is necessary to have dreams as they give us a direction. Dreams, inspirations and ambitions is what has lead to the creation of major companies like Apple, Microsoft, Ford, Mcdonalds and many more all around the world. These big guys became who they are today only because they dared to dream and worked towards fulfilling those dreams.

My father also has had a dream of creating a car not buying one but creating one. Since I can remember, my father has been very passionate of cars. To be more specific, he has always had a soft corner in his heart for vintage, heritage and classic cars. He is a staunch believer of the famous line “Old is Gold”. He has a separate showcase for his collection of miniature cars which no one is allowed to touch. My father is a man who actually eats, drinks, sleeps and thinks all day about cars.

His first acquisition was our beloved ‘Tum Tum’ or a Morris 8; a vintage car. Being a car enthusiast he restored the car and maintained her (yes the cars are a part of our family). But it was not till a few years ago that he truly lived his passion of creating a car. It was when Mr. Mr. Bijoy Kumar (also known as Mr. Bijoy), then editor of Motoring magazine, brought a proposal to my father of transforming and building a brand new car out of an old one this idea was conceived. To do this they acquired an old, yet well maintained, Fiat Premier Padmini from another car enthusiast. This car was in the best of condition for its age and was handed over to my father and Mr. Bijoy on the sole condition “She must not be sold in scrap as she has a lot of sentimental value”.

This, I can say, was the beginning of the conception of SB1100. My my father and Mr. Bijoy spent months just designing what the car would look like. Meanwhile, the car was stripped down from the original Fiat to a chassis with wheels. Since it was just the early stages of production of SB1100, my father and Mr. Bijoy would finish their day’s work and meet to just design her.

Once the race car design was made, my father faced the actual challenge of converting the classic car into an actual race car. A separate team of workers was created out of the existing workforce of our company to carry out this project. As we had a tight budget and a crunched deadline for the project, my father decided to conduct a variety of activities simultaneously. So when you entered his workshop during those months, you could see some laborers working with the engine and modifying it to suit the design needs, some guys working with the outer body of the car, some men who were sent out to look for the necessary parts and so forth. This project, however, was not done separately or in isolation as there was the pressure of running the regular business as well.

As the car started coming together piece by piece, he faced a lot of challenges. Many of them like the engine capacity, survival tests and so forth were managed and improved but many like the protruding silencer through the hood of the car was something they could not overcome. Around three months before the completion of SB1100, it was realized that the car was way behind schedule. The seats weren’t ready and the painting of the car was not done yet. The final assembly and testing of the car also remained. But my father successfully overcame this by working twice the hours and by putting a million times more the effort. It was always necessary test the car at every step of its creation as one mistake could cause major long term damage to the vehicle. So, my father and his men along with Mr. Bijoy would take her on a test drive either weekly or fortnightly to ensure that SB1100 was on the right track and their experimentation were going right.


A day before the delivery of the beautiful race car, she was done. She ran smoothly and no one other than her creators knew what she had endured to be the graceful car she is. The day of the unveiling and photo shoot of the car, the original owner of the car was invited to do the honors. He was so happy to see SB1100, the new version of his car and he had tears of joy in his eyes with no words to express his gratitude for making the beautiful car she is.

SB1100, is a Fiat car having an 1100cc engine, that makes lots of noise and is a open car. She has the steering wheel like that of a race car, small and compact but yet has retained the original beauty of the side gears that very few cars today can be seen to have.

I believe that through hard work and willingness anything can be achieved. My father, the dreamer, has done so. Qualities like perseverance, one’s never die attitude and never getting bogged down by failures is what actually helped my father realize and fulfill his dream. I believe that anyone can achieve their dreams as long as they follow these simple rules.

I wish to get my story published in Chicken Soup for the Indian Entrepreneurs Soul in association with BlogAdda.com


Recipe for Superheroes

Wikipedia defines that superhero “is a type of stock character possessing “extraordinary or superhuman powers” and dedicated to protecting the public.” Hollywood has an even easier theory, to be a super hero all you need to do is be exposed to high levels of unaccounted radiation or be from an entirely different planet (any planet is cool as long as its away from earth and is dead) or you need to be bit by an animal, insect or amphibian (anything that is poisonous enough to change your system into being super hero). Well Hollywood normally omits parts where these super heroes are also human beings and being human they also have issues and problems like we do. They have crushes and girlfriends and break ups and same old dramatic lifestyle along with the added burden of saving the world.

Now I had this theory, what if I a normal human being want to be a super hero? Can that be achieved? As per Hollywood I think all I will need is:

1)      Be able to fly ( I cannot do it naturally like superman but I can surely hire an airplane or create my own personalized jet pack)

2)      To do good for the society and save the world ( This is easy I already help with a few charities)

3)      To fight evil

4)      To create a hidden identity for myself and to portray myself as a regular person for everyone so they don’t know am super

5)      A very very very tight fitting outfit, a deep control on my bladder (I mean how can you pee through a tight fitting jumpsuit) and have very good itch cream handy (just in case)

I think following these simple rules anybody can be a super hero. Last but not the least, do whatever you do selflessly. If all these are followed anybody can be the next neighborhood superhero.


The internet dilemma

In the world of globalisation and the internet surviving for a computer illiterate like me is impossible. I feel the land of internet is the funniest yet the most fascinating thing happened by far.  It connects you and brings the world closer but is so complicated at the same time. Terms like microprocessors or gigabytes confuse me and lead me to a constant state of confusion. Today I was struggling with my tablet trying to register it on my google account. Well it came up with some weird error which to me was as good as Greek and Latin (both of the languages I don’t speak or understand). I felt as if I was attacked by my super human genius android tablet and I was apparently losing my battle. Then I turned to the God of all questions on the internet; Google but still no vain as I got so many answers that I was scared.

On one side computers and internet have made lives easier. They reduce paper work, do lots of things for us and reduce the need of carrying heavy books.  It has, at the same time made life just a click away making us humans become so overly dependent on the internet. Internet is the solution or God for every one of our needs. There is a way out for everything. Shopping; online, work online, addresse look up online, papers for research, online. It is as if the world is in our finger tips and yet we have no grip on it. It has paralyzed us humans and disabled our thinking capacity. We nowadays fail to observe and note routes and directions as we have google maps.  We are disabling ourselves and our brains with the ease in everything. As when more our lives get easier the more lazy we become.

As per science and evolution, we humans evolved from apes but if we continue disabling our minds the way we are through internet we may someday turn in large serpents who cannot rely on anybody but their internet . We found a problem but what is the solution for this.  Well the solution for us humans, is keep reading not ebooks but normal paper books, learn to observe and learn more rather than using youtube as a learning tool. Things are a click away but these clicks fail us the experience of learning them which is very important. We as humans must try to experience learning be more observant and learn to survive in this life without the internet because if we can’t do so the computers will someday take over our world and we would be their slave just. I lost 1 battle to it today. Hopefully I will win one asap.