They smile in brilliance

You shattered the glass.

A swift blow was all it took.


You tried to mend it,

Only to break it further.


You felt you were lucky to have that glass,

But, you pushed it too far.


Today, the shards pierce your hands,

Though you can never put them back together.


You should have taken better care,

You shouldn’t have kept pushing your luck.


See, it has now run out.

The glistening shards are the proof of that.


They had stayed together for all these years,

Only for you.

And finally, today they have found their shine.


Your luck seems to have shifted to them now,

For they have decided to glitter.


Though broken; in pieces; in millions;

They choose to shine despite the pitfall.


You have faced an irreplaceable loss,

And so has the glass.


However, instead of spilling their own blood now,

They smile in brilliance.



Angel at Heart

Meeting friends can always be great.
A luncheon, catch up or a dinner date.
The food doesn’t matter the company does
And with friends like mine it’s always fun.
We can meet after days, months or years at times.
But it always feels like we last spoke yesterday.
Nothing can come between us,
Nothing can tear us apart.
Even with a gap of 18 years,
We pick up where we left off.
You mean so much to me my dear friend,
As you are an angel at heart.

My Friends are Visiting Me

I woke up nice and bright,

Cleaned my room till it shined.

Put my bed clothes on

And got my favourite bag out.

My excitement knew no bounds.

My friends were coming today.

In only a few hours

They were coming.

Gulping my breakfast,

Rushing through the lift to my car,

Settling myself in.

The nervousness kicked in.

My friends would be visiting me today

In only a few hours

They were coming.

I put my car in reverse

Drove it out of the garage

And headed into the traffic

Some fear joined in during the drive

I didn’t want to be late

I didn’t want them to wait

Coz they were visiting me today

In only a few hours

They were coming.

Slowly and steadily the traffic cleared

With it left my nervousness and fear

I was at the airport waiting for them

The excitement had doubled now.

My friends were visiting India

They were staying with me

My friends were visiting me

In only a few minutes

They were coming.

As they walked out of the arrivals gate,

My heart leaped with glee.

Excitement, joy had all become one.

My friends were finally here

And they were visiting me.

They had it made it the perfect beginning to 2015.

5ft Ki Mucchi

He is charming.

He is sweet.

He has a mucchi (moustache) of 5ft.

It’s taller than me

And longer than my hair.

He combs it daily with pride and care.

He oils it regularly,

And has a weekly deep conditioning session for it.

He won’t let it get cut or come close to anything sharp.

He thinks it’s compensation for his bald scalp.

Little does he know that his bald head needs no compensation,

As he has a heart of gold.

Yet he cares for his mucchi like anything I have seen.

I have tried to tell him

How awful it makes him look

And how much I hate it.

But he won’t let it be touched.

So tonight I secretly paid off his baby brother,

To cut it in his sleep.

So now I can be merry and live my dream.



I am a five letter word,

Yet I can hold the world.

I give you strength,

Enough to conquer it all.

I give you the motivation you need,

To live your dreams.

But break me

And have broken shards pierce through your heart.

To see irreversible scars,

Scars that will never heal

And scars that will bring only lifelong pain.

So treat me with respect and care

Because a simpleton like me,

Can make or break your universe.

Pink Cheeks and a Ragged Dress

Adorned in filth and rags, sweet Pinky was dumbfounded at the gory sight. Till date, she had never seen so much blood in one place. But, today, on the fortunate day of 10th May, 2014, her innocent game of hide and seek had now become a blood bath of her mother. She had not seen it coming. How could anyone have predicted that a big SUV would leave the road and attack her mother hugging a tree on the foot path. All her mother was did was close her eyes and count the numbers from one to ten till Pinky hid. But the SUV did come and took down her mother with the tree she was hugging. The car climbed onto the tree as her mother screamed in agony, as some bones cracked loudly and blood splattered everywhere. The car had stopped, for what seemed like a life time. Pinky thought the driver would get out and help. But, it took off with the loudest screech like a Gazelle that was being hunted by a Cheetah; leaving Pinky’s mother’s deathly cry to break the silence of the hollow night.

From behind her hiding spot of her pipe, Pinky had seen the entire event unfold. She was gripped with fear. There was lot of pain as well, a sharp piercing in every bone of her body. Her muscles were stiff and she couldn’t move. Finally, when she did manage to move, the numbness and pain increased. With every step she took towards her mother, the pain increased. Pinky knew she wasn’t physically hurt but she felt so much pain as if it would suck the life out her ten year old body. Her face was blank, expressionless with dirt covering it. There two lines of silent tears creeping softly down her face. Slowly, she inched towards the pool of blood that surrounded her mother. All she could hear was the slow, painful breathing of her mother. Sitting down by her mother’s head, Pinky took it in her lap and stroked her mother’s soft now blood soaked hair. She looked into her mother’s eyes. There was so much to say but all Pinky could do was, stroke her mother’s hair.

Pinky’s mother knew death was not far and she knew it would be excruciating to live in her current state. But she did not think of that. All her mind could think was her lovely daughter Pinky. Her daughter’s fate. The life her ten year old street beggar would have. Would she have to beg, would she be sold off to a brothel? All the options seemed horrifying. But she knew her daughter had to carry on. There was no option. All she could do is give Pinky her strength. Strength to face and fight the world that held only horrifying outcomes for her.  So, she closed her eyes and smiled at death. She then opened her eyes, and tried to give her daughter all her strength through her dying eyes. She gave her strength, kindness and hope to Pinky. For despite this death, Pinkys ragged dress and rosy cheeks would bring her the best.


My dear shadow, the love of my life.

I don’t love you, even though I might.

When you are away, I crave your presence.

And when you are near, there’s only sadness and tears.

You are my creativity and my smile.

You are the tear drop forming at the corner of my eye.

You are my strength and my biggest weakness.

But in spite of the love-hate relationship we share,

I always know you will be there to make me cry,

To make me happy.

My love, my loneliness.

You are the only thing in this world that breaks me

To help me be a better version of myself.