They smile in brilliance

You shattered the glass.

A swift blow was all it took.


You tried to mend it,

Only to break it further.


You felt you were lucky to have that glass,

But, you pushed it too far.


Today, the shards pierce your hands,

Though you can never put them back together.


You should have taken better care,

You shouldn’t have kept pushing your luck.


See, it has now run out.

The glistening shards are the proof of that.


They had stayed together for all these years,

Only for you.

And finally, today they have found their shine.


Your luck seems to have shifted to them now,

For they have decided to glitter.


Though broken; in pieces; in millions;

They choose to shine despite the pitfall.


You have faced an irreplaceable loss,

And so has the glass.


However, instead of spilling their own blood now,

They smile in brilliance.



10 Perfect Jobs that Everyone Must Try

I am a person who loves to write, travel and explore. Despite my absence from my blog, I have been writing quite regularly. My apologies for not sharing my writing with you for a while.

I have been recently listing the perfect jobs that help you explore and experience new things and pay you for it. I narrowed my list to ten jobs I find to be the perfect jobs that people must try at least once in their life:

1) Global events: Being a bartender or a waitress or an assistant at a festival like Oktoberfest or the World Cup or the Glastonbury festival, helps you enjoy the festival, earn good money for being at the festival and experience the craziness of an international festival. Of course, the job does involve lots of work as well. But all in all it’s a fun experience. (I did it once and had an amazing time) 

2) Housekeep a privately owned villa in Europe: Second on my list is a job I saw in the movie, Chalet Girl ( If being a housekeeper is as much fun as in the movie, then I wouldn’t ever mind being a Chalet girl. Though, you can’t be expected to win tournaments tumblr_mn4u22Ipq81qackc2o1_500or fall in love as in the movie. But you sure can explore new sports and places in your free time.

3) Stitch bags: DIY is the biggest trend and what better way to be a part of it than stitching bags out of your old clothes. It helps recycle them and keeps your creativity alive. Stitching improves your concentration and is a great stress reliever also. To learn how to make such bags you can always refer to YouTube.

(These tutorials are quite amazing: (For my projects:

4) Write for a French company: This is my personal favourite. I love the beautiful French language and I believe everyone must try the language once at least. If you do know the language, then you must write in it. I believe that unless you use a language you learn, you forget it. Of course, if you don’t writing like I do, you can always just apply for a job that involves using the language in some way or another. 6a00d8345159d669e201053642f114970b-800wi

5) Create a successful e-zine: Creating an e-zine is not as difficult as it may seem. Although, making sure it turns a success is the tough part. In the current competitive environment, it is very important to be unique. However, it is something I want to try and  if anyone has tried it, I’d love tips and feedback for my attempt someday.

6) Work at a backpacking company: Backpacking is the best way to travel. The idea is to live cheap, explore the place and to live like a local in a place. Working with a company that facilitates such trips is like exploring the place without ever visiting it. You know the specialities and the must do’s of a country. If you love travel and have no vacation time ever, this is the best way to visit countries. In case you want to work at a backpacking company, do click:

7) Travel blogger: If you love to travel and want to share your experiences, the best job for you is to be a travel blogger. If your blog turns a success, you can earn through advertising and promotions. Check out here:

8) Teach orphans: Children are amazing to work with. Their innocence brings out the child in you. Orphans are more than willing to learn. I work with my local orphanage on and off and I teach them public speaking. The experience is the best. The children just need an outlet for expression and their expression is the most unique. This job doesn’t yield anything but satisfaction and peace. If you do have some time them surely try teaching at an orphanage. It’s an experience of a lifetime.

9) Be a personal shopper at a mall: This job is the one for all people who love shopping and fashion. What better way to use your fashion skills than help people who lack fashion skills get some. I would love some personal shoppers given my knowledge in fashion is extremely poor. It’s always great to be able to share your talent and earn out of it also.

10) Blog and share: When you do any of the above or any other job, share your experiences by blogging about them. You can also Facebook, Tweet, Instagram and share it using other platforms. Sharing your experiences always helps others learn from it and most importantly it serves as an outlet to your emotions; positive and negative. It also enables on stress reduction, keeps your creativity alive and makes you a really expressive person. Again, if you have a vivid imagination, it is always great to share it with everyone. The top blogging platforms include WordPress, tumbler and blogger. They give you free access and are very easy to use also.

I have compiled the above list based on the things that I think are fun. I have tried some of the above things and some I want to try. If you have tried any of the above jobs or know of any more fun jobs please feel free to share them through your comments.