They smile in brilliance

You shattered the glass.

A swift blow was all it took.


You tried to mend it,

Only to break it further.


You felt you were lucky to have that glass,

But, you pushed it too far.


Today, the shards pierce your hands,

Though you can never put them back together.


You should have taken better care,

You shouldn’t have kept pushing your luck.


See, it has now run out.

The glistening shards are the proof of that.


They had stayed together for all these years,

Only for you.

And finally, today they have found their shine.


Your luck seems to have shifted to them now,

For they have decided to glitter.


Though broken; in pieces; in millions;

They choose to shine despite the pitfall.


You have faced an irreplaceable loss,

And so has the glass.


However, instead of spilling their own blood now,

They smile in brilliance.


How do you know if you are unhappy?

Unhappiness is a feeling of sadness. It is the feeling that one gets when one is not happy. Sometimes, this feeling is very evident and easy to recognise. But there are times in our daily lives when we cannot point out if we are actually unhappy and what caused these feelings. At times like these, I suggest that one looks out for the below mentioned pointers to ascertain if you are unhappy.

1) Feeling low

2) Feeling irritated or angry.

3) Expressing irritation or anger on something or someone despite no mistake of theirs.


4) Staying distracted and unfocused most of the times.

5) Feeling the need to cry most of the times.

6) The feeling of emptiness.

7) Feeling a lack of confidence.

8) Experiencing loss of sleep or insomnia.

9) Loss of appetite or the will to eat anything.


10) Loss of interest in all activities.

11) Emotional eating (Refer to understand better:

12) Loss of interest in all activities and hobbies.

13) Feeling the need to stay away from all social engagements.

These aforementioned signs can help point out signs of unhappiness in one’s life. When one experiences them temporarily, one can deal with them through short term methods. But during the long term it can lead to physical health problems. Noting these problems and their triggers helps understanding their sources and recognising them. I will be publishing an article tomorrow on my blog. This post will talk on how one can deal with and overcome unhappiness in our lives.

So stay tuned!


Words had shadowing him lately.

They were everywhere he went; on the trains, the buses, even on the empty streets.

Some words were free flowing like the river,

Some formed the rocks the river could flow over

And some were the boulders that made an impact on him.

In the beginning, it was overwhelming for him.

But, lately he doesn’t fear his shadows.

They seem to have grown onto him.

He has managed to metamorphose the scary words to his strength.

He finally voices them freely and openly.

He is a simple man born into a silent world with noise for a pleasant dream.


Bit by bit,

He vowed to leave his bad habits behind.

He gave himself a year to fight them off.

He had planned to start slow.

Begin with the easier ones

He knew it would be hard but not impossible.

His habits had taken everything from him,

It was time he switched them with a better life.

Target one: Alcoholism.

He switched his whiskies with fruit juices,

His brandies with fruits,

His vodka with colas

And his beer with water.

It was very hard in the beginning

But eventually he kicked the devil liquid out from his life.

Target two: Smoking (everything)

He filled his trash can with his smokes,

All of them of every kind.

He thought he would give it to someone,

Then he thought he’d just burn them all apart.

But finally settled with dumping them in the garbage yard.

His clouded judgement was now clearer.

He could think clearly and see things he couldn’t see before.

Target three: Get a job and stick to it.

This one was very hard for him.

He had no CV, no education and no one to help him.

But he decided he wanted this,

So he set out and got a job of a janitor at a small resto

He set his mind to doing his best and knew he would conquer his goals.

It took him months but he did it.

He successfully revamped his life and cleared himself of his bad habits.

He was 60 but after a lifetime of haze,

He finally had figured it out

And found his peace.


He was talented, very gifted.

He had the ability to transform a plain piece of paper

To the most beautiful origami crafts.

All he needed was a piece of paper

And he was the happiest man on the earth.

He made faces, he made planes,

He made swans, birds, animals of all kinds.

He had the talent of Gods but the luck of a pauper.

Yet nothing kept him from doing and sharing his craft with the world.

Something to live by

His smell still lingered on

But he was gone

It was in his shoes, his clothes

And in the ashtray he always kept around.

The house was finally tidy,

Like he always wanted.

If only he were here to see it.

When he was here,

We fought all the time,

Over things that seem so trivial now.

But now that you aren’t around,

I wish I hadn’t fought as much.

I wish I had told you how much I love you.

I wish I had told you what you truly meant to me.

I wish this was the last thing you heard before you died.

But unfortunately it wasn’t.

Your death was nobody’s mistake.

Least of all your’s or mine.

You were too kind, gentle and genererous to let things pass by.

Now all I have are your things which smell like you.

And your growing child in my womb.