They smile in brilliance

You shattered the glass.

A swift blow was all it took.


You tried to mend it,

Only to break it further.


You felt you were lucky to have that glass,

But, you pushed it too far.


Today, the shards pierce your hands,

Though you can never put them back together.


You should have taken better care,

You shouldn’t have kept pushing your luck.


See, it has now run out.

The glistening shards are the proof of that.


They had stayed together for all these years,

Only for you.

And finally, today they have found their shine.


Your luck seems to have shifted to them now,

For they have decided to glitter.


Though broken; in pieces; in millions;

They choose to shine despite the pitfall.


You have faced an irreplaceable loss,

And so has the glass.


However, instead of spilling their own blood now,

They smile in brilliance.




I am a five letter word,

Yet I can hold the world.

I give you strength,

Enough to conquer it all.

I give you the motivation you need,

To live your dreams.

But break me

And have broken shards pierce through your heart.

To see irreversible scars,

Scars that will never heal

And scars that will bring only lifelong pain.

So treat me with respect and care

Because a simpleton like me,

Can make or break your universe.