Adventures of a Little Fairy

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful fairy. She was trapped in a forest which never had any sunlight, not even during day time. It was full of dangerous creatures like spiky crocodiles, vicious snakes, snarly lions and giant grizzly bears. She was very scared. She was frantically looking for a way to get out. But to no avail. At that moment, the fairy came across a rose garden. It was full of the reddest roses she had ever seen. She was surprised to see it in this dark forest, but she was happy to see that the roses has thrived in the darkest of forest. She sat in the forest wishing for a miracle. But she found no miracle, instead a large monster crept on to her to eat her up.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”, screamed the fairy. “What do you want you giant monster?”

“I want to gobble you up whole. You look like a tasty meal. I haven’t eaten many fairies, but I have heard they can be delicious.”, sneered the monster.

The little, frightened fairy put all her might into her wings and flew like the wind away from the ugly, green monster with dirty teeth. She kept flapping her wings so fast that the monster couldn’t catch her. But the monster wasn’t very sluggish either. In her rush, the little fairy did not notice a young boxer in the forest. Thud! She fiercely bumped into him.

“Can’t you look where you’re running?”

“I am sorry sir! But I am being chased by a big dirty green monster! He says that he wants to eat me. Can you please save me?”

The boxer stepped in front of the fairy and gave a hard punch to the monster. Bang! Crash! Pow! Slam! Thunk! Wham! Zonk! And the monster went down spilling blood in shades of purple and yellow.

“Thank you Mr. Boxer! Thank you for saving my life.”

“You are welcome dear fairy. I have done nothing big. I kill monsters like this one every day. But what is a little fairy like you doing in this dark forest? It is not a place for fairies”

“Mr. Boxer I have had very ill luck today. I had set out to play hide and seek this morning with my other fairy friends. In my hunt for a good hiding place, I lost my way and came here. I don’t know how to get back or which way will take me back to fairyland”, she sobbed.

“Why don’t you come with me? My house is near fairyland. You can go home from there.”


They walked tirelessly for many hours. The boxer was smart. He knew all the roads in the dark forest, roads which the fairy wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise. Finally, they reached the boxer’s house. It was at the end of the forest. She had seen it before. The thatched roof, stone walls and a stick fence. Outside the fence were her parents. They were frantic, calling out to her. She flew fast into their arms and said “I am sorry! I won’t play hide and seek ever again.” Her parents replied, “It’s ok child. You are safe now. Let’s go home.”

The fairy’s parents thanked the boxer. They said, “If you ever need our help, think about us and we will come.”

Since then the boxer and little fairy played every day and became best of friends. They never played hide and seek but enjoyed all other games together.


Curiosity of a Child’s Mind

One day, a boy of ten was perplexed.
Confused beyond his wits.
He had queries that needed answering.

He tried his grandparents first,
For he considered them old and wise.
But all their wisdom failed to satisfy his curiosity.

Then he went to all his teachers in the school
And repeated his doubts to them explicitly.
But all their knowledge was deficient to fulfil his intrigue.

So, he went to his older brother.
Normally, he knew things that others hid from him.
But it was in vain.
Instead of answers, the young one found himself in unwanted trouble.

By now everyone around was whispering about his inquisitions.
They found it amusing and entertaining.
He started feeling the pricks of being the idle gossip of an old town.
But his answers were never found.

So the little one decided to look for them on his own.
He packed his Mickey Mouse suitcase with his pyjamas and his favourite socks.
He even took his favourite red tent to shelter him on his adventures.
He set off to the Himalayas to seek resolution to his questions.

His questions were deep.
He inquired about the reality of God.
Of how he looked and seemed.
For no one seemed to be sure of his looks
But everyone believed in his being.

But just as he reached the gate of his building
And embark his spiritual journey,
His stomach promptly grumbled.
The rich aroma of his grandmother’s handmade samosas filled the street.

Pushing his enquires to a backseat.
He rushed home to savour the samosas his grandmother had fixed.

With each bite he realised.
God was a true being.
Otherwise, how would old grandmother know to make samosas
Right when his tummy grumbled with hunger.

Connected by a Womb

They never knew about each other’s existence.

But some thing always felt amiss to both of them.

They felt they were a half of a whole

And were missing the other half.

There were incidents that defined their existence.

An undefined burned arm for Sita as she played in the snow in her backyard.

While a frost bit toe for Gita during a summers day in Mumbai.

There countless of bizarre notes.

Once Sita cried her heart out at her hen party in London for no reason at all.

While Gita mourned over the loss of her only living relative in Mumbai.

Alone or in company, they always felt empty.

Like a part of their body was torn apart from them at birth.

Sita tried therapy to explain these occurrences,

While Gita got the answer to it from her grandmother.

Gita tried to hunt down her missing element.

Unfortunately, she had no luck.

Till one fine day, Sita bumped into her

Backpacking through the bylanes of Mumbai.

Their resemblance was uncanny.

It was like a reflection in a mirror.

Their taste in clothes, fashion and hairstyle seemed so different.

They got talking.

Connecting over their favourite cup of coffee.

They had found themselves.

It was like coming home for them.

Questions were answered, experiences shared.

Lives were exchanged and roots were dug.

Each would fill the others negatives

There was happiness all around.

Unfortunately, lives weren’t ideal.

They had to return their again.

But now they kept in touch.

Just like they had in their mother’s womb.

A Piggy Bank of Hope

The new year was here,

Bringing with lots of hope.

Last year the piggy bank was broken,

And the coins paid for his sister’s exam.

But this was the year for hope.

His sister had finally got her new home.

She had shiny toys she deserved

And pretty dresses fitting her size.

It was the end of old toys and hand me downs for her.

He knew she would miss him

And he did so too.

But the hope for her better future kept him away.

It was time for him to move on

And find himself a home.

For if luck would have it,

He would have shiny new toys too

And dresses that fitted him perfectly.

But till his luck turned,

He sat by his old cot at the orphanage

With a piggy bank full of hope.