Another Scar to Fulfill My Destiny

I have scars on my hands.

Scars which the world may deem ugly.


But to me they mean power.

They define me.


“How did you gain these scars?” you ask.

“It’s a long story for a very long day.

Not one for today.” I reply.

His curiosity doesn’t seem to be satisfied.

So, I add, “These scars mean only positive things for me.”


He seems to have accepted my response.

At least, he shows that he has.

Except his eyes speak a different language.

Is it curiosity I see in them? Or is it anxiety?


However, we are here,

At this ridiculous coffee shop for an interview.

Honestly, it’s all a business to me.

I reassure him, “my rough hands mean only good things.

Things you wouldn’t have never explored before.

Territories that have been unchartered till date.”


He says nothing; only looks.

Curiously, anxiously, nervously, eagerly.

I can’t make out.


I need to work on reading him better.

That’s going to be a necessity

If I work for him.


He has a basic list of questions.

The usual.

However, his eyes seem hungry for more.

More detailed information.


I tell them, ‘Not so soon, there’s still time for all that’.

Once our contract is signed,

Hunger will be thoroughly forgotten.

I beam with pride as I think that.


He does his part swiftly.

Signs the contract and pays the bill for our coffee.

He don’t seem very happy

Besides I don’t care for his happiness.


I am finally living my dream.

I have fulfilled my lifelong passion today.

A passion that has given me another new scar today.

A scar that will let me live out my destiny.


Just a Click Away

Memories flooded him,

He’d seen her after years.

Even though it was only a photo.

It meant so much more.

She had aged, yes but she hadn’t lost her beauty.

Her eyes still shone with magic

And her now toothless smile kept him mesmerized.

She was his childhood sweetheart.

They had a love which stood still in time.

Circumstances tore them away then.

But they were never far apart.

Things changed, times also did.

Yet all his senile memory had were her thoughts.

So his grandchildren decided to be the pawns of fate

And to hunt her down.

Their technology never failed them

And they had fulfilled his wish.

She was one click away from him now.

A click worth their lifetime.

Life and Me

She is mysterious.

She is unique.

She loves giving surprises

And hates planning.

She believes only in the goodness in this world.

She is a believer of destiny.

She believes in smiles

And spreading them in the cities.

She talks of honesty and integrity.

She baffles me at times.

But that’s who she’s supposed to be.

She makes me a better person.

She only does what’s best for me (like it or not)

She brings me closer to my dreams

And helps me be me.

She is my life.

She is me.