I looked down. My feet were soaked. My knife gleamed with every swift moment it made. It was not hard to cut through someone. The room had grown silent. My hands grown tired and finally my mission accomplished. The pristine white marble floor was a bright crimson now. She was over. I was done and my elation knew no bounds.

Sunaya wasn’t really my sister. She was my father’s illegitimate child. I never understood why a sinner like her got the same treatment I did. At times, out of pity, people would shower her with more love and comforts, whereas, my hardworking mother and I got secondary treatment. This girl had no right over my father, his time, his love or even his house. I would spit on her whenever I got the chance. But, that shameless cretin kept coming back like a dog to a bone. It wasn’t long before I realized that this weirdo worshipped me.That’s when I hatched a plan:

‘Revenge would be a sweet dose of medicine for that cretin.’

I had vowed it; for my mother and her honour.

Aged 10, I began my torture. I made the imbecile do everything; my homework, my chores, even wash my dirty undergarments at times. I remember once I made her clean my dog’s poop from my shiny gum boots. Ahh! The pleasure I derived from treating her so. But, somehow that girl seemed spineless. The more I mistreated her, the more she tried to please me. Though, I kept on. This was only the beginning.

Many years have passed since we were ten. Lately, we haven’t been speaking much. But, that does not mean that my feelings have changed for her. I think it’s the same for her too. She owes me so much. For all those years of snatching the love that I deserved. Finally, I thought, ‘ Enough of petty torments. It’s time for the big finale.’

I set the date; my birthday!  This would be the best gift I was giving myself. The ultimate eradication of vermin. I liked the ring of it.Slowly, I set the wheels in motion. I started it week before my 25th birthday. I invited her for a party. My birthday party. But she’s the one who will be getting a surprise. She has obeyed dutifully as always and come home bearing an interesting gift. I unwrap it. A gleaming knife with sharp edges stares at me.

“With all the crime in our city, I always want you protect yourself. Keep this with you forever didi.”

I smirked. What idiot victim gifts a lethal weapon to their own murderer!

“Thank you my dear! I don’t understand how you always think of others. But you are truly kind”

She beamed as I said this to her. I wasn’t going to fall into any trap of hers. We passed the drinks around and I made sure she had more than she could handle. Then, I waited till all other guests melted into the night.

Eventually, I stood satisfied in the pool of your blood, wondering what to do with your body. Chop it, julienne it, drown it or just burn it. I choose them all. Revenge was very sweet.


A Murder She Saw

She saw her body lying in a pool of her own blood.

A pin drop silence had fallen in the room.

There was no surprise felt except her own.

There was no remorse either.


Her blood was duly cleaned

And the police were promptly summoned.

Their arrival brought an ocean of crocodile tears

And there were wails that were expected before.


Through thunderous sobs a lie was concocted.

The real culprits played the age old blame game.

A poor maid was thrown in as a prime suspect.

They said greed was her lure.


Yes, they were right.

Greed, truly, came very easily.

But the hardworking child maid wasn’t induced by it.

The young one craved only love which she shared abundantly.


It was them.

Materialism had overcome their minds.

It was her own blood that had betrayed her.

They had hacked her in the most ruthless way.


It was astonishing.

The smoothness involved in the planning.

The ease in their demeanour

And the organic brutality of everything.


Looking over herself, a cold corpse now,

She only prayed for justice to prevail.

Her own blood had betrayed her.

Spilled it mercilessly

And condemned an innocent helpless child of malefeasance.

A prayer for the unborn child

Hello little baby

I am unsure if you can hear yet.

But, I hope you do,

As I am your mommy.

Today a tiny strip of two blue lines

Confirmed your existence in my body.

The doctor has told me that you are not bigger than a seed

But for me, you mean the oncoming of new beginnings.

It is going to be hard

Having you in me.

But I am ready for it all

As long as you are with me.

I hope I will be able to feel you in me.

I hope our hearts will beat together as one.

I hope our family will be happy

When I break the news to them.

I don’t care about gender.

Your colour doesn’t matter to me.

I just want you to be healthy

And leave all the worries to me.

Unfortunately, things are not that easy my love.

Your daddy wants you to be a boy.

So you may bear your family name

And his family wants you to be fair

Like milk and bright as day.

Everyday I pray relentlessly to the God Almighty.

I just wish that they get all what they want.

Because my beautiful angel,

I want you to see the world

In the mortal human form I am in.

Just a Click Away

Memories flooded him,

He’d seen her after years.

Even though it was only a photo.

It meant so much more.

She had aged, yes but she hadn’t lost her beauty.

Her eyes still shone with magic

And her now toothless smile kept him mesmerized.

She was his childhood sweetheart.

They had a love which stood still in time.

Circumstances tore them away then.

But they were never far apart.

Things changed, times also did.

Yet all his senile memory had were her thoughts.

So his grandchildren decided to be the pawns of fate

And to hunt her down.

Their technology never failed them

And they had fulfilled his wish.

She was one click away from him now.

A click worth their lifetime.

Picture Perfect

He wanted to click the perfect picture.

So he set out on a long break of a year to get it.

He clicked pictures of everything.

He took photos of animals in the cities,

He took pictures of animals in the forests.

He took pictures of the poor and destitute.

He took pictures of the rich and famous.

But from all the pictures he took,

Not one was perfect.

They lacked something,

Something he couldn’t point.

So finally ridden with failure,

He came back home to his family

And at their insistence clicked pictures of them.

Only to find his perfect picture among them.

A Piggy Bank of Hope

The new year was here,

Bringing with lots of hope.

Last year the piggy bank was broken,

And the coins paid for his sister’s exam.

But this was the year for hope.

His sister had finally got her new home.

She had shiny toys she deserved

And pretty dresses fitting her size.

It was the end of old toys and hand me downs for her.

He knew she would miss him

And he did so too.

But the hope for her better future kept him away.

It was time for him to move on

And find himself a home.

For if luck would have it,

He would have shiny new toys too

And dresses that fitted him perfectly.

But till his luck turned,

He sat by his old cot at the orphanage

With a piggy bank full of hope.


A Presence

She was back to see her family

It was an annual journey that she took

Every year she crept on to her backyard

And flew over their windows

They couldn’t see her but they could feel her presence

Every year her family came together on halloween









For they knew she would visit them

So they put on a brave face and laughed together

Hoping seeing them would eventually bring her peace

She saw their happy faces and knew their pain

As she was their mother even if she was dead