The Helpful Bear

Once upon a time, in a forest faraway, there lived a grizzly friendly bear. He was always polite with everyone. He helped those in need without hesitation and no one had ever heard an unkind word from him. He was a jovial bear and played with his forest friends everyday.

One day, the bear was hungry. He opened his honey cupboard. But alas! Instead of jars full of honey, he found an empty bowl.

‘Where did my honey go? Did I eat it all up?’ thought the bear.

‘I need to refill my stock or I will be a hungry bear!’ he worried.

But there was one problem. He had never bought any honey. Normally, Mama Bear, his mom would send it to him. But this time it seemed like she had forgotten. However, he couldn’t waste any time and decided that it was time he learnt to find his own honey. Plus, the idea of an adventure thrilled him.

Packing his bags promptly, he set out on his adventure to find honey. As he approached a clearing, he heard a cry,

“Help! Please someone help me!”

“Who is it?” asked the bear.

“It’s me the turtle! I am stuck in this ditch and can’t get out. Please help me!”, cried the voice.

Now, turtle and bear had been friends for a long time. They played everyday and shared food sometimes. Without hesitation, the bear picked a long stick and held it out to the turtle. The turtle held on the other end as the bear pulled him out to safety.

“Thank you my friend! How will I ever repay your kindness?”, inquired the turtle gratefully.

“Someday you will. For now I’m happy that you are safe my friend.”, replied the bear and set forth on his journey.

As he moved ahead, he met a snake. He seemed kind and spoke politely. He requested,

“Kind bear, would you like to take a walk with me?”

The bear happily obliged. But little did he know that the snake wanted to make him his lunch and gobble him up. The turtle saw the bear with the snake. He knew that the snake was evil and warned the bear of the snake’s true nature by using his secret signal; the whistle.

Listening to the turtle’s whistle, the bear, told the snake,

“My friend, it is time for me to resume my journey. I need to find my honey. Once I do find it, I will share it with you too.”

The snake realised that he had failed. The temptation of honey was too much to resist. So, he let the bear return to his adventure and return he did.

Luckily, he came across a honeycomb at the top of a tree. But, he did not know how to get it.  He tried throwing a stone, but to no avail. He tried throwing all sort of things but, nothing helped. He tried climbing the tree. However, the bear was not very good with climbing and fell down immediately. By now, many of his friends had gathered to watch the feat.

They said to themselves, “We should help the bear. He is a kind fellow. He has always helped us!”.

They climbed on to each other and formed a pyramid to carry the bear closer to the honeycomb. Finally, the bear was close enough to break the honeycomb and collect honey to last for the next six months. Everyone was happy. Their kindness had brought them together and unity had helped them succeed.



Adventures of a Little Fairy

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful fairy. She was trapped in a forest which never had any sunlight, not even during day time. It was full of dangerous creatures like spiky crocodiles, vicious snakes, snarly lions and giant grizzly bears. She was very scared. She was frantically looking for a way to get out. But to no avail. At that moment, the fairy came across a rose garden. It was full of the reddest roses she had ever seen. She was surprised to see it in this dark forest, but she was happy to see that the roses has thrived in the darkest of forest. She sat in the forest wishing for a miracle. But she found no miracle, instead a large monster crept on to her to eat her up.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”, screamed the fairy. “What do you want you giant monster?”

“I want to gobble you up whole. You look like a tasty meal. I haven’t eaten many fairies, but I have heard they can be delicious.”, sneered the monster.

The little, frightened fairy put all her might into her wings and flew like the wind away from the ugly, green monster with dirty teeth. She kept flapping her wings so fast that the monster couldn’t catch her. But the monster wasn’t very sluggish either. In her rush, the little fairy did not notice a young boxer in the forest. Thud! She fiercely bumped into him.

“Can’t you look where you’re running?”

“I am sorry sir! But I am being chased by a big dirty green monster! He says that he wants to eat me. Can you please save me?”

The boxer stepped in front of the fairy and gave a hard punch to the monster. Bang! Crash! Pow! Slam! Thunk! Wham! Zonk! And the monster went down spilling blood in shades of purple and yellow.

“Thank you Mr. Boxer! Thank you for saving my life.”

“You are welcome dear fairy. I have done nothing big. I kill monsters like this one every day. But what is a little fairy like you doing in this dark forest? It is not a place for fairies”

“Mr. Boxer I have had very ill luck today. I had set out to play hide and seek this morning with my other fairy friends. In my hunt for a good hiding place, I lost my way and came here. I don’t know how to get back or which way will take me back to fairyland”, she sobbed.

“Why don’t you come with me? My house is near fairyland. You can go home from there.”


They walked tirelessly for many hours. The boxer was smart. He knew all the roads in the dark forest, roads which the fairy wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise. Finally, they reached the boxer’s house. It was at the end of the forest. She had seen it before. The thatched roof, stone walls and a stick fence. Outside the fence were her parents. They were frantic, calling out to her. She flew fast into their arms and said “I am sorry! I won’t play hide and seek ever again.” Her parents replied, “It’s ok child. You are safe now. Let’s go home.”

The fairy’s parents thanked the boxer. They said, “If you ever need our help, think about us and we will come.”

Since then the boxer and little fairy played every day and became best of friends. They never played hide and seek but enjoyed all other games together.

A Murder She Saw

She saw her body lying in a pool of her own blood.

A pin drop silence had fallen in the room.

There was no surprise felt except her own.

There was no remorse either.


Her blood was duly cleaned

And the police were promptly summoned.

Their arrival brought an ocean of crocodile tears

And there were wails that were expected before.


Through thunderous sobs a lie was concocted.

The real culprits played the age old blame game.

A poor maid was thrown in as a prime suspect.

They said greed was her lure.


Yes, they were right.

Greed, truly, came very easily.

But the hardworking child maid wasn’t induced by it.

The young one craved only love which she shared abundantly.


It was them.

Materialism had overcome their minds.

It was her own blood that had betrayed her.

They had hacked her in the most ruthless way.


It was astonishing.

The smoothness involved in the planning.

The ease in their demeanour

And the organic brutality of everything.


Looking over herself, a cold corpse now,

She only prayed for justice to prevail.

Her own blood had betrayed her.

Spilled it mercilessly

And condemned an innocent helpless child of malefeasance.

A Summer Lady

The heat has been rising in the past week.

Summer had finally crept in.

But unlike every year, it had arrived faster this time.

The streets were dry and parched.

As were the wells, lakes and taps of her village.

A little bird tried tapping a faucet for a drop of liquid elixir.

Little did the silly bird know that drought had struck it’s home.

Water had become a commodity of luxury in her village.

A luxury very few could afford.

Neighbours feuded mindlessly and families waged wars amongst themselves.

Inevitably, came the day.

The day she was hurled out on the dry, arid and scorching street to fend for herself.

She did not regret leaving.

The heat of the streets was bearable for her

Compared to the heat of the air-conditioned room she lived in.

Now, as she walked through the street on which she has grown old,

Her feeble cane drummed softly to tune of her heavy breath,

She craved only for a single drop of kindness,

As she was aware that a single drop of water would direct her route to heaven.

Good Friday

It was a day of sadness; a day of remembrance.

The day of Good Friday was upon her again.

Like every year, she brought out her scented candles

And cleaned out the marble crucifix on the stand.

There would be no meals today

There was nothing that could ever ease her pain.

It had been almost five years today.

They had killed her son.

The boy was barely ten years old.

But his heart was full of kindness.

His martyrdom was a story that would be forever retold.

For the mere child stepped to take on gigantic thugs.

He thought his bravery would be enough to keep his family alive.

But a ten year old against a group of mighty thugs did not stand any chance.

He was gone in an instant and his family wiped in another.

Expect for his mother.

Everyone said she was very lucky to be alive.

They said that time would take away the pain.

But unfortunately for her the pain had grown.

So every Good Friday day, she prayed and remembered her little boy.

His sacrifice and his love had kept him alive in her mind.

For in her heart, he was nothing less than God.

Something to live by

His smell still lingered on

But he was gone

It was in his shoes, his clothes

And in the ashtray he always kept around.

The house was finally tidy,

Like he always wanted.

If only he were here to see it.

When he was here,

We fought all the time,

Over things that seem so trivial now.

But now that you aren’t around,

I wish I hadn’t fought as much.

I wish I had told you how much I love you.

I wish I had told you what you truly meant to me.

I wish this was the last thing you heard before you died.

But unfortunately it wasn’t.

Your death was nobody’s mistake.

Least of all your’s or mine.

You were too kind, gentle and genererous to let things pass by.

Now all I have are your things which smell like you.

And your growing child in my womb.

Heart of Gold

She was the kindest soul in town

Helped anyone in need.

She had no riches or wealth,

Just a heart of gold.

She fed the hungry,

She educated children,

Provided clothes to the cold.

She had a good ear,

And a knack for solving problems.

Everyone in town seeked her doorstep

And her advice.

But at times when she was cold or sick.

She would be all alone,

As she had no friends just like she had no foes.

But she kept on giving,

Without any expectations or returns.

For she was angel from heaven

With a heart of Gold.