Finely Tuned

She sat by the window sill with her cup of steaming tea and looking at the pouring rain. She was happy. Happy with what she’d done. She knew this wasn’t the most ideal thing to do. But in her opinion, it was her best option. Rahul, her husband had no idea of what she had done. She was going to tell him today. They had always been honest with each other. Except this once.

He had been observing Diya, his beautiful wife. He knew her since a while now and knew something was wrong with her. She was physically perfect and her behaviour was just like always. But he just knew. He loved her very much and wanted to support her with whatever she was dealing. As he picked up a beautiful bouquet of her favourite pristine long stemmed white roses, he decided, ‘today I will talk to her’.

At home, the dinner was ready. It was his favourite Chicken coconut style with some soft and fluffy rice flour bhakris. There was some fresh salad with cold cucumbers, sweetest of carrots, ripest tomatoes and the best onions in the market. She even got her best crockery out and put some champagne in the chiller.

Diya and Rahul had met in college. They had felt that instant pull towards each other the first time they had met in college. He was smart, sophisticated and caring. She was quiet, sweet and very beautiful. Within a month of meeting the first time, Rahul and Diya were dating. They had been inseparable ever since. That was around 10 years ago. They had together seen their share of disagreements. But they both had grown to know that they if they teamed up, they could always find a solution and that kept them going. But this time, things were different.

Diya had always had a soft corner for children. Being the oldest daughter in her family she had practically raised her baby brother. She had changed his diapers and taught him to ride a bicycle. She had also helped him get his first girlfriend and helped him through all his break ups. She was more like his mother than a sister. Rahul also loved kids. He was always patient and kind with them and he was the perfect guy to be a father. During their courtship days, Rahul always said, “I wanna have at least two children, girls or boys. It will be a perfect family”. Diya had agreed and life was smooth. However, life had changed drastically for Diya in the past five years of her marriage. She wasn’t the care free girlfriend anymore, but a doting wife and a sincere daughter-in-law. These responsibilities had made her rethink her priorities and most importantly her plans for her life.

Diya had now realized that she couldn’t handle the responsibility of a child. Rahul and she had ambitious careers and never had any time for a simple social life. She had realized bringing a child into the world would only increase their pressures. It was a sane decision and very practical too. There were only two problems; Rahul’s wish to always have children and their family. She knew no one would understand her or support her decision and that’s why she did something. Something no one knew about.

Rahul loved children. But he just loved them. It was not the same anymore. He had seen his friends have children and heard the stories of the additional responsibilities. Although, his friends loved their children and found them to be bundles of joy, he had come to realize, he already had all the happiness in the world with his beautiful Diya. However, he had always seen Diya being the perfect mother to her baby brother and he knew that she secretly wished that someday she will actually be a mother. So, today as he stood outside his home with a bouquet of flowers in his arms and a heart filled with love, he decided to tell Diya that they needn’t be four to be perfect. They were perfect just the way they were.


He rang the bell….

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Brave One

It’s almost a year since I saw you last.

I know it was not a happy day,

But I hope you know how proud we are of you.

You were a good person.

Honest, sincere, lovable and brave.

Even as a child you protected others

And sacrificed yourself for them.

You thought I didn’t know

But I’m your mother,

I know everything.

Today some uniformed men showed up on our doorstep.

Their haircuts were like your’s

They looked like they know you.

I’m sorry, they knew you.

When their jeep whirred in our front yard,

I anxiously awaited.

My hopes deflated at the sight of your worn out trunk.

The men do their duty.

They share the bad news I know in my heart is true.

They explain how it all happened

And give me details on the bravery of your mission,

They await my response, a nod, a cry, a tear at least.

But I stay blank.

My soul just got ripped out from me.

Slowly, tears stream down my eyes.

Hadn’t I expected this?

Shouldn’t I have been prepared to lose you the moment you declared it?

The moment you wanted to follow your father’s footsteps in the army.

But I am a mother

Nothing can ever prepare me for this.

They ask me something.

Those two soldiers.

We are all seated now.

I notice how young they are.

Probably, your age, even younger.

Someday, their mothers’ may also bear the same fate.

They talk about the funeral.

They say they’ll help me knowing am all alone in this mortal world.

But my child, I feel your presence in my heart.

I feel you around me.

And I know you’ll guide my creaky knees through this life.

For you are a brave one my child.

One who didn’t deserve death so early.

A prayer for the unborn child

Hello little baby

I am unsure if you can hear yet.

But, I hope you do,

As I am your mommy.

Today a tiny strip of two blue lines

Confirmed your existence in my body.

The doctor has told me that you are not bigger than a seed

But for me, you mean the oncoming of new beginnings.

It is going to be hard

Having you in me.

But I am ready for it all

As long as you are with me.

I hope I will be able to feel you in me.

I hope our hearts will beat together as one.

I hope our family will be happy

When I break the news to them.

I don’t care about gender.

Your colour doesn’t matter to me.

I just want you to be healthy

And leave all the worries to me.

Unfortunately, things are not that easy my love.

Your daddy wants you to be a boy.

So you may bear your family name

And his family wants you to be fair

Like milk and bright as day.

Everyday I pray relentlessly to the God Almighty.

I just wish that they get all what they want.

Because my beautiful angel,

I want you to see the world

In the mortal human form I am in.

तीच माझ्या दिवसाची सुरवात

काल मला घरी यायला उशीर झाला.तू शांत फुलासारखी झोपली होतीस.

मी पण खूप थकलो होतो आणि लगबगीने झोपी गेलो.

आज कामाचा दिवस, तरी मी उशीरा उठलो.

गादीत पडून तुझे आवाज ऐकत राहीलो.

लाईट गेला आणि मी गादी सोडून बाहेर आलो.

मला पहाताच तू नेहमीसारखे विचारलेस,

“काॅफी देऊ तुम्हाला का चहा टाकू?

आज जायच नाही का तुम्हाला?”

मी काही उत्तरलो नाही.

ती तीच्या कामात बुडाली.

अशृ न गाळता कांदा कापू लागली.

तेवढ्यात आमच्या बाईने “साहाब थोडा साइड हो जाऔना”

म्हणता मला स्वप्नातून बाहेर काढलं.

सुरू झाली माझी रोजची ती धावपळ.

माझी तयारी होयीपऱ्यंत तीने माझा डबा, नाशता आिण उकळता चहा तयार ठेवला.

Aeroplaneचया वेगाने मी ते सारे गिळले

आिण उशीराची गाडी पकडायला मी निघालो.

पण ऊंबरठा ओलांडण्याधी मी २ क्षण थांबलो

आिण तिला बघत राहिलो

कारण तीच माझ्या दिवसाची खरी सुरवात आहे.

The Wedding

The henna on her hands had darkened with every minute she stood by the window.

She could see her groom dancing with his overjoyed family through her window.


To her, it was unbelievable how oblivious he was to reality.

Her face adorned a beautiful smile, yet her tears ceased to well up in her eyes.

Everyone around assumed her tears to be those of happiness.


After all, it was her wedding day today.

However, reality was a different tale.

Her tears meant something inexplicable to the world.

The young bride felt an entrapment like she had never felt before.

Entrapped in her woman’s body.


Everything was going smoothly as per her plan.

The groom had doted over his bride since the day they met in college years in advance.

Their love story had inspired others and the eventual culmination of it in marriage was inevitable.

There was the just problem.

The adorable groom was unaware of the bride’s true love relationship with her best friend.

The best friend who was today her bridesmaid.


So flowed the unending tears from their eyes.

But together they shared a secret smile,

As an elopement was on their minds.

Crispy Love

I just love paper.

It’s what defines me.

Newspapers, magazines, books or scraps,


They bring happiness to me as nothing else does.

We share a unique relationship.

One that includes pure joy and happiness.

A love that only gives with no expectations.

So I nurture every piece of paper I come across

And store them with care.

It’s the only love I have known,

It’s the life I have.



I am not the beginning.

I am not even close to the end

Neither am I right in between.

I am February.

I am the last of the winter’s breath.

I am the commencement of spring.

I take pride in being secondary,

As I am February.

I intend to wake the dormant hearts.

I assure a strike of the Cupid’s arrow.

I give you the chance to new things.

Only because I am February.

I am short, but don’t treat me like a baby

Because I am not even close to one.

Being odd man out is my style.

That’s what makes me special.

I am unique, I am February.