Another Scar to Fulfill My Destiny

I have scars on my hands.

Scars which the world may deem ugly.


But to me they mean power.

They define me.


“How did you gain these scars?” you ask.

“It’s a long story for a very long day.

Not one for today.” I reply.

His curiosity doesn’t seem to be satisfied.

So, I add, “These scars mean only positive things for me.”


He seems to have accepted my response.

At least, he shows that he has.

Except his eyes speak a different language.

Is it curiosity I see in them? Or is it anxiety?


However, we are here,

At this ridiculous coffee shop for an interview.

Honestly, it’s all a business to me.

I reassure him, “my rough hands mean only good things.

Things you wouldn’t have never explored before.

Territories that have been unchartered till date.”


He says nothing; only looks.

Curiously, anxiously, nervously, eagerly.

I can’t make out.


I need to work on reading him better.

That’s going to be a necessity

If I work for him.


He has a basic list of questions.

The usual.

However, his eyes seem hungry for more.

More detailed information.


I tell them, ‘Not so soon, there’s still time for all that’.

Once our contract is signed,

Hunger will be thoroughly forgotten.

I beam with pride as I think that.


He does his part swiftly.

Signs the contract and pays the bill for our coffee.

He don’t seem very happy

Besides I don’t care for his happiness.


I am finally living my dream.

I have fulfilled my lifelong passion today.

A passion that has given me another new scar today.

A scar that will let me live out my destiny.


Out of Breath

Out of breath

Every day I run.

I run away from my problems.

Run to feel better.

Run to be a better person.

So far it is the only thing that helps me breathe.


Till I started running,

I was always out of breath.

Out of breath for chasing the wrong things.

Chasing irrational dreams

And fruitless goals.

They taught me a lot.


But they always kept me out of breath.

They kept me unhappy.


But then one day

I woke up

And I started running.

I ran and it felt good.

I ran and it felt like this was what I born to be.


Today, at 80 years,

I wake up every morning

And I run.


People on the road join me.

They cheer me.

They call me an inspiration.

I tell them.

Run! Run!

So you’re never out of breath.

Enjoy the rains 

The sky has cleared finally. I don’t think it will rain anymore. 
I wear my sports shoes

And head out for a stroll.
The roads are wet.

I pass small puddles on my way.
Green is the colour of most natural things around me.

With a splash of yellow, red or pink as flowers.
I love this calm of a Sunday morning.

It tells me, I can rest for the day.
I hear the chirping of the birds.

It’s the perfect subtle music for a quiet morning.
Alas, little droplets of water,

Start soaking my face.
Despite the clear skies,

It’s raining today.
I let it drench me,

For I’m in no rush to go home.
I enjoy this rare moment alone.

For the first time, I enjoy the rain.

Ma Vie Professionnelle 

Il y a cinq ans quand j’ai étudié.

Aujourd’hui j’ouvre mes manuels. 

Les mots sont différents, 

Mais leur sens est le même.
Quand j’ai vu les manuels,

J’ai eu peur.

Mais quand je les ai lus,

Cela me semblait très facile. 
J’ai un défi.

J’aime besoin de reverser mes études 

De cinq ans en deux mois.

Mais j’essaie pour réussir.
C’était la bas de ma carrière.

Quand je le réussirai,

Je réaliserai mes rêves. 
Ce sont les deux mois 

Les deux mois quand je suis pressée.

Mais ils sont aussi quand je prendrai le premier pas de ma vie professionnelle. 

Monday Blues

Today I feel very blue.

Oh yes! I do.

With so moans on my arrival

And sighs to welcome me to you.

I know, I am not a very fun comrade.


But I just want a chance to prove am no different.

I come only once every week.

So please, don’t treat me with such impatience.

I understand your pain.

It’s not easy being the day that’s always sighed upon.


Mind you my dear fellows,

Sigh all you want.

But unfortunately for us,

I won’t go anywhere any time now.

As I am the beginning to everything.

I build the new routine.

तीच माझ्या दिवसाची सुरवात

काल मला घरी यायला उशीर झाला.तू शांत फुलासारखी झोपली होतीस.

मी पण खूप थकलो होतो आणि लगबगीने झोपी गेलो.

आज कामाचा दिवस, तरी मी उशीरा उठलो.

गादीत पडून तुझे आवाज ऐकत राहीलो.

लाईट गेला आणि मी गादी सोडून बाहेर आलो.

मला पहाताच तू नेहमीसारखे विचारलेस,

“काॅफी देऊ तुम्हाला का चहा टाकू?

आज जायच नाही का तुम्हाला?”

मी काही उत्तरलो नाही.

ती तीच्या कामात बुडाली.

अशृ न गाळता कांदा कापू लागली.

तेवढ्यात आमच्या बाईने “साहाब थोडा साइड हो जाऔना”

म्हणता मला स्वप्नातून बाहेर काढलं.

सुरू झाली माझी रोजची ती धावपळ.

माझी तयारी होयीपऱ्यंत तीने माझा डबा, नाशता आिण उकळता चहा तयार ठेवला.

Aeroplaneचया वेगाने मी ते सारे गिळले

आिण उशीराची गाडी पकडायला मी निघालो.

पण ऊंबरठा ओलांडण्याधी मी २ क्षण थांबलो

आिण तिला बघत राहिलो

कारण तीच माझ्या दिवसाची खरी सुरवात आहे.