They smile in brilliance

You shattered the glass.

A swift blow was all it took.


You tried to mend it,

Only to break it further.


You felt you were lucky to have that glass,

But, you pushed it too far.


Today, the shards pierce your hands,

Though you can never put them back together.


You should have taken better care,

You shouldn’t have kept pushing your luck.


See, it has now run out.

The glistening shards are the proof of that.


They had stayed together for all these years,

Only for you.

And finally, today they have found their shine.


Your luck seems to have shifted to them now,

For they have decided to glitter.


Though broken; in pieces; in millions;

They choose to shine despite the pitfall.


You have faced an irreplaceable loss,

And so has the glass.


However, instead of spilling their own blood now,

They smile in brilliance.



Finely Tuned

She sat by the window sill with her cup of steaming tea and looking at the pouring rain. She was happy. Happy with what she’d done. She knew this wasn’t the most ideal thing to do. But in her opinion, it was her best option. Rahul, her husband had no idea of what she had done. She was going to tell him today. They had always been honest with each other. Except this once.

He had been observing Diya, his beautiful wife. He knew her since a while now and knew something was wrong with her. She was physically perfect and her behaviour was just like always. But he just knew. He loved her very much and wanted to support her with whatever she was dealing. As he picked up a beautiful bouquet of her favourite pristine long stemmed white roses, he decided, ‘today I will talk to her’.

At home, the dinner was ready. It was his favourite Chicken coconut style with some soft and fluffy rice flour bhakris. There was some fresh salad with cold cucumbers, sweetest of carrots, ripest tomatoes and the best onions in the market. She even got her best crockery out and put some champagne in the chiller.

Diya and Rahul had met in college. They had felt that instant pull towards each other the first time they had met in college. He was smart, sophisticated and caring. She was quiet, sweet and very beautiful. Within a month of meeting the first time, Rahul and Diya were dating. They had been inseparable ever since. That was around 10 years ago. They had together seen their share of disagreements. But they both had grown to know that they if they teamed up, they could always find a solution and that kept them going. But this time, things were different.

Diya had always had a soft corner for children. Being the oldest daughter in her family she had practically raised her baby brother. She had changed his diapers and taught him to ride a bicycle. She had also helped him get his first girlfriend and helped him through all his break ups. She was more like his mother than a sister. Rahul also loved kids. He was always patient and kind with them and he was the perfect guy to be a father. During their courtship days, Rahul always said, “I wanna have at least two children, girls or boys. It will be a perfect family”. Diya had agreed and life was smooth. However, life had changed drastically for Diya in the past five years of her marriage. She wasn’t the care free girlfriend anymore, but a doting wife and a sincere daughter-in-law. These responsibilities had made her rethink her priorities and most importantly her plans for her life.

Diya had now realized that she couldn’t handle the responsibility of a child. Rahul and she had ambitious careers and never had any time for a simple social life. She had realized bringing a child into the world would only increase their pressures. It was a sane decision and very practical too. There were only two problems; Rahul’s wish to always have children and their family. She knew no one would understand her or support her decision and that’s why she did something. Something no one knew about.

Rahul loved children. But he just loved them. It was not the same anymore. He had seen his friends have children and heard the stories of the additional responsibilities. Although, his friends loved their children and found them to be bundles of joy, he had come to realize, he already had all the happiness in the world with his beautiful Diya. However, he had always seen Diya being the perfect mother to her baby brother and he knew that she secretly wished that someday she will actually be a mother. So, today as he stood outside his home with a bouquet of flowers in his arms and a heart filled with love, he decided to tell Diya that they needn’t be four to be perfect. They were perfect just the way they were.


He rang the bell….

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Ma Vie Professionnelle 

Il y a cinq ans quand j’ai étudié.

Aujourd’hui j’ouvre mes manuels. 

Les mots sont différents, 

Mais leur sens est le même.
Quand j’ai vu les manuels,

J’ai eu peur.

Mais quand je les ai lus,

Cela me semblait très facile. 
J’ai un défi.

J’aime besoin de reverser mes études 

De cinq ans en deux mois.

Mais j’essaie pour réussir.
C’était la bas de ma carrière.

Quand je le réussirai,

Je réaliserai mes rêves. 
Ce sont les deux mois 

Les deux mois quand je suis pressée.

Mais ils sont aussi quand je prendrai le premier pas de ma vie professionnelle. 

How do you know if you are unhappy?

Unhappiness is a feeling of sadness. It is the feeling that one gets when one is not happy. Sometimes, this feeling is very evident and easy to recognise. But there are times in our daily lives when we cannot point out if we are actually unhappy and what caused these feelings. At times like these, I suggest that one looks out for the below mentioned pointers to ascertain if you are unhappy.

1) Feeling low

2) Feeling irritated or angry.

3) Expressing irritation or anger on something or someone despite no mistake of theirs.


4) Staying distracted and unfocused most of the times.

5) Feeling the need to cry most of the times.

6) The feeling of emptiness.

7) Feeling a lack of confidence.

8) Experiencing loss of sleep or insomnia.

9) Loss of appetite or the will to eat anything.


10) Loss of interest in all activities.

11) Emotional eating (Refer to understand better:

12) Loss of interest in all activities and hobbies.

13) Feeling the need to stay away from all social engagements.

These aforementioned signs can help point out signs of unhappiness in one’s life. When one experiences them temporarily, one can deal with them through short term methods. But during the long term it can lead to physical health problems. Noting these problems and their triggers helps understanding their sources and recognising them. I will be publishing an article tomorrow on my blog. This post will talk on how one can deal with and overcome unhappiness in our lives.

So stay tuned!


I am not the beginning.

I am not even close to the end

Neither am I right in between.

I am February.

I am the last of the winter’s breath.

I am the commencement of spring.

I take pride in being secondary,

As I am February.

I intend to wake the dormant hearts.

I assure a strike of the Cupid’s arrow.

I give you the chance to new things.

Only because I am February.

I am short, but don’t treat me like a baby

Because I am not even close to one.

Being odd man out is my style.

That’s what makes me special.

I am unique, I am February.

Something to live by

His smell still lingered on

But he was gone

It was in his shoes, his clothes

And in the ashtray he always kept around.

The house was finally tidy,

Like he always wanted.

If only he were here to see it.

When he was here,

We fought all the time,

Over things that seem so trivial now.

But now that you aren’t around,

I wish I hadn’t fought as much.

I wish I had told you how much I love you.

I wish I had told you what you truly meant to me.

I wish this was the last thing you heard before you died.

But unfortunately it wasn’t.

Your death was nobody’s mistake.

Least of all your’s or mine.

You were too kind, gentle and genererous to let things pass by.

Now all I have are your things which smell like you.

And your growing child in my womb.


I am short,

I am sweet,

I can sometimes grove to a beat.

I tell stories,

I share pain,

I experience joy in a very unique way.
My speciality is rhymes,

I love metaphors,

I invoke emotions like never before.

I can bring hearts closer,

I can drive them apart.

It can share histories

And can bring dreams to life.